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Scientific Publications:

Journal papers:

1. Chetri M., Chapagain N.R. and Pokharel A. (2007): Tibetan Sandgrouse Syrrhaptes tibetanus in Upper Mustang, Nepal. BirdingASIA, Vol 8 December 2007. pp 64-65.

2. Sharma B.D., Clevers, J., Graaf R.D., and Chapagain N.R. (2004): Mapping Equus kiang(Tibetan Wild Ass) Habitat in Surkhang, Upper Mustang, Nepal. Mountain Research and Development Volume 24, No. 2. pp 149-156.

3. Sharma B.D., Clevers, J., Graaf R.D., and Chapagain N.R. (2003): Assessing the Land Cover Situation in Surkhang, Upper Mustang, Nepal, using an ASTER Image. Himalayan Journal of Sciences Volume 1, No. 2. pp 93-98.

4. Shah K.B., Ale S., Chapagain N.R., Acharya R., Thapa K. and K.C. H. (2002): New Mammal Records from Upper Mustang, Nepal with the Notes on Mammalian Fauna of the Area.Journal of Natural History Museum, Vol 21, 2002, pp 33-44.

5. Shah K.B., Chapagain N.R., Shrestha K., K.C. Heera, Neupane B. Adhikari K.R., and Sharma B.D. (2002). Tibetan Sandgrouse Syrrhaptes tibetannus Gould, 1850 (Pteroclidae): a new species for Nepal. Danphe Volume 11, No. 3. pp 1-2.


Books authored:

1. Contributing author– DNPWC (2009): The status and distribution of the greater one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal. Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) and National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Kathmandu, Nepal. 64 + xiii pages.

2. Contributing author– ICUN-AsRSG (2009): The greater one-horned rhinoceros monitoring instructors training manual. International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Asian Rhino Specialist Group (IUCN-AsRSG), Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. Chapagain N.R. and Chetri M. (2006): Biodiversity Profile of Upper Mustang. National Trust for Nature Conservation, Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Upper Mustang Biodiversity Conservation Project (UMBCP), Kathmandu, Nepal. 32 + iv pages.

4. Chetri M., Chapagain N.R. and Neupane B.D. (2006): Flowers of Mustang: A Pictorial Guidebook. National Trust for Nature Conservation, Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Upper Mustang Biodiversity Conservation Project (UMBCP), Kathmandu, Nepal. 196 + vi pages.

5. Tucker G., Bubb P., de Heer M., Miles L., Lawrence A., Bajracharya S. B., Nepal R. C., Sherchan R., Chapagain N.R. (2005): Guidelines for Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring for Protected Areas. King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, Kathmandu, Nepal. 123 + vi pages. (


Books edited:

1. Chetri M., Chapagain N.R. and Pandey M.R. (editors) (2006): Important Fauna and Flora of Upper Mustang (text in Nepali). National Trust for Nature Conservation, Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Upper mustang Biodiversity Conservation Project, Kathmandu, Nepal. 82 + vi pages.

2. Chetri M., Maskey L.K., Chapagain, N.R., Sharma B.D. (editors) (2004): Mustang - the Land of Fascination. King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, Kathmandu, Nepal. 72 + ix pages.


Conference/Symposium/Newsletter papers:

1. Shrestha H.L., Chapagain N.R., Dhital K.R., Adhikari S. (2015): Geospatial Analysis of Forest Resources Availability for the Reconstruction after Earthquake 2015. Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Role of Land Professionals and SDI in Disaster Risk Reduction: in the context of 'Post 2015 Nepal Earthquake'. November 25-27, 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2. Lamichhane B.R., Subedi N., Chapagain N.R., Dhakal M., Pokheral C.P. Murphy S.T. (2014): Status of Minakina micrantha Invasion in the Rhino habitat of Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Proceedings of the international conference on invasive alien species management. March 25-27, National Trust for Nature Conservation - Biodiversity Conservation Center, Chitwan, Nepal.

3. Chapagain N.R., Jun S.H., Park M.Y., Park G.O. and Chang K.J. (2010): Glacier Retreat in the Nepal Himalaya. International conference of the Greening of the Industry Network (GIN). June 13-16 2010, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea.

4. Jun S.H., Chapagain N.R., Koo C.D., Kim S.O. and Ryu H.N. (2010): Potentiality of Mikania micrantha Invasion into Korea alongwith Climate Change. International conference of the Greening of the Industry Network (GIN). June 13-16 2010, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea.

5. Chapagain N.R., Jun S.H., Chetri M., Neupane B.D. (2009): Ethno-botany of Vascular Plants of Mustang District, Nepal. Poster presented at the 2009 Winter Symposium of Korean Society of Nature Conservation, November 20, Ehwa Women’s University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

6. Chapagain N.R. and Koo C.D. (2009): Modeling Mikania micrantha Invasion in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Environment Forum 2009. United Nations Environment Program-Eco-peace Leadership Center (UNEP-EPLC), Korea.

7. Chapagain N.R. and Poudel B.S. (2009): Using GPS and GIS in Greater One-horned Rhinoceros Population Assessment and Monitoring in Nepal. 2009 International Symposium on GPS/GNSS  (November 4-6, 2009) held at International Convention Centre, Jeju, Korea.

8. Chapagain N.R. and Jun S.H. (2009): Glaciers, Glacier Retreat and Associated Risks in the Nepal Himalaya.Proceedings of the Korea Society of Nature Conservation - 2009 Spring Symposium held at Incheon University, Korea on June 5, 2009.

9. Chapagain N.R. (2005): Biodiversity Surveying and Monitoring: Using GIS and GPS in Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. GIM International, Vol 19 (7) July 2005. pp 53-55.

10. Chapagain N.R. (2004): Geo-information Science for Conservation Organisations. Prakriti (Newsletter of King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation), Vol. VIII, No. 2, pp 11-12.

11. Sharma B.D., Karky B.S., Dahal N., Chapagain N.R., Basnet B. (2004): Prospects and challenges in bringing Nepali Community Forestry under Kyoto Protocol's carbon trading regime. Paper presented to the 4th national Workshop "Community Forestry: 25 Years of Community Contributing to Millennium Development Goals, August 4-6. Kathmandu, Nepal.

12. Chapagain N.R. (2003): Using ASTER Imagery for Land Cover Discrimination in Trans-Himalayan Landscape: Assessment of Results from Upper Mustang, Nepal. Map Asia 2003 (October 13-15). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

13. Chapagain N.R. (2001): GIS Based Management Information System for Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal.GIS@Development, Vol. 5, Issue 10. October 2001, pp 32-33.

14. Shrestha B.M., Chapagain N.R. (2000): Status of Yarsha Gumba (Cordyceps sinensis) and its uses. Third South-East Asian NTFPs Network Workshop on Community based NTFPs Management, 3-5 June, Kathmandu, Nepal.

15. Sitaula B.K., Awasthi K.D., Newpane R.P., Chapagain N.R., Paudel, G.S. Sankhayan P.L., Singh, B.R. & Hofstad, O.(2000): Land use Changes and Soil Degradation Affecting Soil Quality in Watersheds of Nepal Proceeding of Nordic Seminar (NJF-Seminar no. 310): Soil Stresses, Quality and Care. April 10-12. Ås, Norway. Organiser: Center of Soil and Environmental Research (JORDFORSK), Ås Norway and Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum, Tjele, Denmark.